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Portable Storage Buildings Includes Sheds, Cabins, Garages, and More!

We design the perfect portable building, whether that be a cabin shell, portable garage, or shed. Our priority is making certain that our customers get more than expected. We help Portable cabin buyers from Texarkana to Shreveport, and they love us!

portable buildings tx portable cabins sheds and cabins

Let’s understand what portable buildings are? Our Portable Sheds, Portable Garages, and Portable Cabin Buildings are all built indoors under a controlled environment where the entire building, including the floor and roof, are assembled to a highly rigid, and strong standard so that it can be loaded onto a trailer, driven at 70 mph down the highway, sometimes hundreds of miles to it’s the final destination.  It had better be built right to withstand all of that! You won’t find a stick-built building that can hold a candle to our structures.

Portable buildings are used for everything including tool sheds, backyard sheds, garden sheds, storage sheds, He Sheds, and She Sheds. Portable garages for business and home, for fixing, creating, or storing a car, truck or motorcycle.  Portable Cabins used for Home Studios, additional living quarters like an in-law’s suite, more He Sheds, and Shed Sheds, Offices, Craftrooms, Hunting and Fishing Cabins, Air BnB’s, Summer Kitchens, full-time living in a Tiny House, and much, much more!

Many people now work from home and they need a proper office. Sometimes it’s necessary to be separated from the main house in order to have the solitude and quiet to carry on your daily work. Others have either started or already run their own business, based in their home. A portable Cabin Studio is a perfect solution for a proper work location.  A machinist, woodworker, screen printer, mechanic, and more can utilize our portable garages with their roll-up doors and spacious interiors. Delivered and ready to use the same day, you can’t beat their cost-effectiveness.

3 Steps To Success

We’re committed to your successful Tiny Home Lifestyle.

Our PreBuilt Cabin Shells are the framework of your new home.
We deliver a premium customer service experience as well as the highest quality product.

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Portable Cabins

Various styles of portable building shells, ready to finish out to your living specifications.

Our expert team will work with you to design a custom structure that fits your style, and outside space. We are committed to providing high-quality materials with superior customer service to all of our customers! You will not find a better deal for your money when it comes to our custom units.

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Portable Storage Sheds

Includes Tool Sheds, Garden Sheds, Tiny House Sheds, and more!

Our products feature a one of a kind rustic, western design that will compliment the natural landscape and match the style and design of the rest of your home or business while providing great protection for your belongings. You’ll get a quality shed that will be able to withstand the elements year in and year out, all at prices well below any on-line retailer!

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Portable Garages

These include small or mini garages for lawn tractors or smaller equipment, up to portable garages with a 9′ wide roll-up door to hold a pickup truck!

We make sure your log cabin is constructed with the highest quality materials around that protects against rot, wood decay, and cracks! We want to change the game by making your dreams into reality with our handcrafted wood cabins and provide the journey of living in harmony with nature.

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Portable Sheds Make Your Life Easier!

A Portable Shed is more than just a place to put the mower, rake, and shovel. It’s so flexible that you can opt for a variety of doors and windows and the configuration that you need, and then you can outfit your portable storage shed to fit your general needs. The obvious would be as a shed, but a simple portable storage shed can be configured into many things for many different needs. That backyard shed can be a man cave of sorts, where the guys can do their guy things, like build stuff, fix stuff, or simply shoot the breeze with other guys’ stuff. The tool shed can become a gaming shed, the garden shed can now store the ATVs and fishing gear.

The portable shed can fill a whole lot of roles, including giving you the opportunity to clean out the garage.  You know, it’s that place that you used to park your cars in, but now you’ve got so much other stuff that you haven’t seen the garage floor in years!  You know it, and it bothers you, but you just haven’t figured out what to do. Other people rent those places that you need to drive to, but who really likes to do that? And don’t forget about the monthly fees, yikes! You can have a portable shed delivered to your location, set up, and ready to use, lickety-split! All for less than it would cost to rent one of those units a few miles from your property, and best of all, you’ll own it!

Portable Cabins are not your grandpa’s drafty old shack. These new, modern structures are portable buildings that are built right! They are engineered and well designed, and you can specify how many, what type and where you want the doors and windows.

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Our Core Values

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The Many Uses Of Portable Cabins

Whether this is going to be a weekend getaway house or a full-time residence, a portable building is long-lasting and extremely efficient. Many of our clients purchase one for their elderly parents to live in on the children’s property, giving them their independence, but having them close enough to help when they need it. They also lend themselves to being flexible guest quarters, allowing ample room and privacy for visitors. Speaking of visitors, many people are looking for ways to supplement their incomes, and pre-built cabin homes are a perfect solution to becoming profitable, quickly. Portable cabin shells can be set in place and all that’s left is to finish the inside and get it ready for guests.

Some people have taken this concept even further and have created their own little villages or portable homes, made from a variety of designs based on the portable storage building cabin.  These are much more than a modular home can offer, because the entire finished building can be relocated at any time. When relocating a modular home, you must completely take it apart, section by section, when it comes to a portable cabin home, you simply disconnect the plumbing and electricity, lift if from it’s piers or slab and off you go! Most shed companies can help you and offer this service.  Moving?  Take your house with you!

Portable Shed Financing Options

Let’s Talk About Financing. When making the purchase of a portable building, we offer excellent financing!  We have relationships with several different institutions that offer competitive rates and terms. Go ahead and complete the application and we’ll get to work on your behalf, getting you the lowest rate and best terms available.

Financing Options

Rent To Own Portable Buildings

So you want to own, but you’ve got some credit issues that are affecting your credit score? No problem, we’ve all been there, but the good news is that we have a solution just for you! Our Rent-To-Own program has absolutely NO Credit Check and everyone qualifies. You’ll get instant approval once you’ve completed the application, so you can sit back, relax and know that your building will be on its way soon!  All you’ll need to do is make a small down payment, equivalent to [XXXXX] monthly payment(s) and your building can be delivered. Could it get any more simple? Rent To Own sheds is a fast and simple way to gain ownership of your very own portable shed building!

portable Sheds, portable garages, portable cabins

Why You Should Purchase From SaddleBrooke

  • Strength and durability which means Protection from the elements.

  • Superior functionality plus Options for customization/expansion.
  • We use cutting edge technology to manufacture at an affordable price.

  • Minimal waste, environmentally responsible and efficient use of materials.

  • Custom made buildings for virtually any outdoor storage and living need.

  • Expert source of information regarding new outdoor solutions.

  • Made to fit your yard perfectly.

  • Install and relocate if necessary.

  • Ability to add a bathroom or kitchen or get more creative.

SaddleBrooke Dreambuilders Works For You!

You work hard for your money and you deserve top-notch quality from a company that you can trust! Our team works hard to deliver the best of the best. We carefully construct your portable building, then deliver and set it up for you. We’ll consult with you on the site prep too! Your new Portable Cabin, Garage, or Shed will be perfectly positioned when we leave.

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Modular Homes Are Cool, But Portable Building Houses Are HOT!

While very early modular houses and portable buildings were commonly taken into consideration as just a slight step up, from a mobile trailer home, the past few years have seen major breakthroughs.  Portable building cabins and modular homes are innovating, and fast!  Modular houses are not only equivalent in quality to conventional stick-constructed ones, but they actually surpass them and are much more cost-effective. Portable Cabin Buildings used as residences are so popular, that their sales development is currently increasing more swiftly than that of typical houses. In the Northeastern United States, well known for cold winter times, modular houses made up 10 percent of the brand-new real estate market since 2004. In the Southern States, portable cabins style homes are a cost-effective high-quality alternative to paying the high cost of a traditional home. A family of 2 to 6 people can easily find enough space in one of our portable storage building cabin shells.

Many designs and styles are available to fit every need and taste. Every style, beginning with modular log cabin residences is among one the most enchanting of all. You will not have to stress concerning those unpleasant stories about those old log cabin drafts, a modular log cabin house or pre-built log cabin portable home is very well sealed due to the computer-aided design tools and technological break-throughs in building materials. Once insulated, your portable cabin home will be cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter, all while achieving low energy consumption. This suggests huge financial savings for you!

Building Your Portable Cabin Shell

When it’s completed and after numerous manufacturing facility examinations, your portable building home will be delivered to your location where our crew will set your building. It will be removed from the delivery trailer and placed in its permanent location using a machine called a “Mule”, which lifts the building onto a set of wheels, then is driven onto its location on either a concrete pad or placed onto concrete block piers. Please consult with our experts regarding this procedure to make certain that your home is properly positioned for longevity.

The cabin will not have insulation, electric wiring circuitry, plumbing pipes, or finished walls and trim. We provide a well-engineered and well-built cabin shell where the remaining interior work is generally done by the new homeowners or a contractor.

Exterior finishes can be anything from various types of siding including vinyl, steel, Hardi-Plank, cedar, and log.  You can have the look that you desire, after all, you’ll be living in your “Dream Home” and you want it to be just perfect!

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Areas We Serve

We deliver and set up our portable building product at a distance of around 150 miles from our plant.

Caddo, LA Belcher, Bethany, Blanchard, Gilliam, Greenwood, Hosston, Ida, Keithville, Mooringsport, Oil City, Rodessa, Shreveport, Vivian
Bossier Parish, LA Benton, Bossier City, Elm Grove, Haughton, Plain Dealing, Princeton, Easton, Gladewater, Judson, Kilgore, Longview, White Oak, Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs Village, Jessieville, Lonsdale, Mountain Pine, Pearcy, Royal
Bowie County, TX De Kalb, Hooks, Maud, Nash, New Boston, Redwater, Simms, Texarkana, Elysian Fields, Hallsville, Harleton, Jonesville, Karnack, Marshall, Scottsville, Waskom, Henderson, Joinerville, Laird Hill, Laneville, Minden, Mount Enterprise, New London, Overton
Lamar County, TX Blossom, Deport, Paris, Reno, Roxton, Sun Valley, Toco
Wood County, TX Alba, Golden, Hawkins, Mineola, Quitman, Winnsboro, Yantis
Miller County, AR Homan, Fulton, Genoa, Fouke, Garland City, Kiblah, Ravanna
Lafayette County, AR Midway, Lewisville, Stamps, Buckner, Bradley
Columbia County, AR Jefferson, Waldo, McNeil, Magnolia, Village, Atlanta, Emerson, Western, Taylor
Bienville Parish, LA Bienville, Castor, Jamestown, Arcadia, Saline, Lucky, Gibsland, Bryceland, Ringgold, Mount Lebanon
Webster Parish, LA Minden, Sarepta, Dixie Inn, Springhill, Shongaloo, Hefin, Cotton Valley, Dubberly, Cullen, Doyline, Sibley
Claiborne Parish, LA Homer, Haynesville, Athens, Lisbon
Jackson Parish, LA Jonesboro, Eros, Quitman, North Hodge, Chatham, East Hodge, Hodge

Affordable Portable Cabins and Tiny Home Shells.

Our philosophy: Building is an art, defining and building your outdoor dreams into reality is what brings us joy.
Saddlebrooke DreamBuilders Portable Shed, Cabin, and Garage Company is built on the same values that you hold close to your heart; work hard, be consistent, see the value in people, and always remember that integrity, attitude, teamwork, and communication are the keys to success!

Give us a call and learn how we can help you get the portable cabin of your dreams, without breaking the bank!

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